Balog Auction Service - A Family Run Business

The Family commitment and involvement at Balog Auction has been the Cornerstone to the building and success of a Family Business, that is coming up on it’s “40th Year!”

Started in 1980 by R.C. (Bob) Balog, who is still going as hard as he did in the 1st Year, 4 generations of Family have been actively involved with the 5th generation almost ready to be a part!

Sister, Maureen Balog, Office Manager for almost 30 Years is well known and respected by producers, buyers, friends & colleges right across North America! Her strong work ethic and personable attitude keep customers and buyer’s coming back sale after sale.

Bob’s son Louis, a top young accomplished auctioneer, Darwin’s son Brad, one of the top cattle specialist’s in the nation, and Maureen’s daughter Shandi, a computer specialist, all play a major role in the everyday operations of the market.

Bob is extremely proud of the fact that Balog Auction has dealt with Grandpa - dealt with Dad, and now dealing with the Grand kids of the many many loyal and faithful customers who have been with us for 40 Years!

We are also very proud of the wonderful staff members who have been with Balog for Years, some for 30 Years plus. Ron Reid, Mark Lenz, Owen McLean, Byron Sturtevant, Ron Kasner, Terra Amen, Joyce Berte, Daryl Lamb, and George Karl.

Our greatest appreciation and respect also to the longtime loyal staff members we have lost: Joe Megyes, Doug Mackintosh and Ron Chizmazia.

Everyone at Balog Auction is treated like Family: No One Works For Us—Everyone works with us!!!!

We are also so very grateful to the many, many loyal customers and friends who have been steadfast with us in the building of a wonderful family business.

The roots here are deep - the commitment is unending and the future is bright.
Be a part of our next 25 years